François Werner, Vice-president
Higher Education, Research, & Innovation
Greater Nancy Region (Métropole du Grand Nancy)

François Werner

From June 27th to the 30th, the ARTEM campus in Nancy is welcoming “The Global Interdisciplinary Conference: Green Cities – Business, Engineering, Architecture, Design and Technology” thanks to a partnership between ICN Business School and Roger Williams University.

We all know green cities are built thanks to the synergy of knowledge and public policies, so that all the indicators of well-being can be present: employment, housing, access to education, to healthcare…

But a green city is also a culture shared with its architecture, its arts and heritage, whether built or green.

ARTEM is an alliance of knowledge to promote entrepreneurship, creativity and, in a nutshell, collective intelligence.

The conference in June will be the opportunity to reflect together on “global and interdisciplinary” to act on a local level in favour of the planet and its inhabitants.

Welcome to all in Nancy, and let us work well to build a better world together.