Welcome to Nancy

Mayor Laurent Hénart
Nancy, France

Mayor of NancyI would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the City of Nancy. As the Mayor of Nancy, one of my major goals is creating a “Digital Nancy” and a “Sustainable City” with the opportunity for private-public partnerships in order to enhance the economic development of the greater Nancy area.

Academic institutions are of the utmost importance in development of a digital and an eco-city. Digital information and implementation of strategies for an eco-city are sources for jobs in health, materials, energy, transportation, and cultural and creative industries among others. Meanwhile, we would like to keep the tradition and history of Nancy in the decorative arts.

According to a study by the L’Usine Nouvelle, Nancy ranks number three in France in the number of graduates in engineering. Nancy intends to occupy an important place in the knowledge economy and the graduates of the universities in Nancy will play an important role in achieving our goals.

The Green Cities Conference, with its interdisciplinary theme encompassing business, engineering, architecture, design, and technology, will provide knowledge, information, and exchange of ideas that are essential in creating a “Digital & Eco-City” and enhancing private-public partnerships.

Enjoy our beautiful city.

Laurent Hénart
Mayor of Nancy